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National Hot Rod World Finals 1999 to 2009


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OK: so you've got the 1985-1998 box set and you've watched them often enough to know every move made by every driver on his way to victory. Ready for another history lesson then? We certainly hope so, as Martin has assembled another fabulous DVD to bring the archive bang up to date.

So, climb aboard the MHV time machine once more and look back at 1999, as Colin White records a second famous victory, or John Steward again snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, depending on your point of view!

Re-live the culmination of the bitter season-long struggle for supremacy in 2000 between White and Jeff 'Slim' Simpson, with Woolsey again getting in on the act as Colin takes his historic hat trick.

Who can ever forget 2001, when John Steward finally got it all right?  He didn't give his fans an easy ride though - don't take your eyes off the screen as the laps wind down in this one.

And what about 2002? This was the year that Davy McCall "did a Christie" and came back to win another World Final long after everyone thought they'd seen the last of him in a National. Twelve years since his previous win and the same poor bloke comes second again.  Watch and learn if you can't remember who….

2003 was when Dave Longhurst finally pleased his particular army of fans by adding the one trophy he needed in his collection to complete his illustrious career as a hot rodder.

'Long'un may have had a wait longer than his nickname to get his hands on the big cup, but at least he'd picked up some other world titles. Malcolm Blackman hadn't even been able to enjoy that privilege, but puts all that behind him when he powers to an emphatic victory in 2004.

He'd won an awful lot of races in his career but, for Keith Martin, it had always been a case of ‘ever the bridesmaid’ when it came to World Finals. See how it all finally worked out in 2005 for the popular Ulsterman.

Next we come to the most controversial finish of all time. Following a raft of so-near-yet-so-far results for Carl Boardley (check it out - he'd been 5th,4th,3rd and 2nd in previous races) in 2006 he was seen as the favourite. Just one problem; with the chequered flag almost in sight, Andy Steward was the man out front. And with the bitter memory of 1996 still rankling, ‘Doughnut’ had no intention of losing out again on the last lap exactly ten years later. Everybody who was there has an opinion about the famous back straight incident, now you can form your own!

By 2007, Boardley was definitely being touted as the man to beat. It wasn't to be all plain sailing though and it looked as if young John Christie was about to become the first ever second generation winner. Don't miss it when Boardley seizes his chance to trash that particular dream.

One year on, and Carl had reached the stage where his 2008 pace simply psyched the competition right out. Behold a master class in how to stomp the opposition into the ground as Boardley makes it a three-peat to equal the record for wins-in-a-row set by Colin White.

By the time the 2009 event loomed on the horizon the 41 car was almost untouchable. Even by the standards of the previous year, this is domination of a whole different order as the ‘The Professor’ sets a new record for wins on the bounce. As in ‘08 though, you won't want to miss the battle for the places…

Need to impress your mates with your knowledge as you're watching them line up this year?  Better get this in your collection then!

Sleeve notes by Graham Brown

Four Disc Set

6 hours 36 mins  


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