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National Hot Rod World Finals 1985 to 1998


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Here it is! The DVD no self-respecting Hot Rod fan can be without. No more searching in your attic for that long lost video to settle an argument down the pub. Here for the first time in one box, is every National Hot Rod World Championship from 1985-1998, 14 races in all.

Cast your mind back to 1985 and the last victory of the ‘first era’ of Ormond Christie. See his arch rival Norman Woolsey turn the tables in 1986. Does Mick Collard deliberately obstruct Woolsey in 1987, as George Polley races to the second of his two victories? Thrill to the memorable drive by Polley in the rain of 1988 to challenge Phil White - but be warned: it won’t matter how often you watch this piece of the tape, George never does get past!

There's a chance for Ulster to cheer again in 1989 as Woolsey regains the top of the podium and further glory for Northern Ireland in 1990 as the almost unknown Davy McCall wins his first ever race in England! Were you there to see young Roger Peck pull off one of the most popular victories in 1991? Or Phil White hang on against all odds in 1992?

See again Woolsey out-run and out-last the opposition in 1993. Cheer as Ricky Hunn finally makes it home first in 1994. Groan when John Steward snatches defeat from the jaws of victory in 1995 as boy wonder Ian McKellar records one of the most astonishing wins ever. Wonder at Christie's return in 1996 to record the narrowest of them all - was it an inch, or was it two?

Smile as Ormond proves it was no fluke in 1997, on his way to busting the all-time win record, before watching Colin White start his own record setting hat-trick in 1998. Re-live it all. Go on, you know it makes sense!

Sleeve notes by Graham Brown

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6 hours 11 mins

3 Disc Set

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