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National Hot Rods 1988


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Here are Thirteen Historic meetings from 1988.

What more could a National Hot Rod Fan ask for?

This Seven Hour Bumper Length DVD is great value and a must for National Hot Rod Fans who usually collect just the Big Championship Meetings.

Four Disc Set

7 hours 45 mins

Disc One
    Wimbledon 31st January

    Wimbledon 7th February

    Wimbledon 28th February

    World Qualifier Wisbech 10th April

Disc Two
    May Day Blockbuster Eastbourne 2nd May

    World Qualifier Ipswich 8th May

Disc Three
    Spedeweekend Wisbech 17th/18th July

    Caister Hot 1000  Gt Yarmouth 31st July

    8000 Series Round Aldershot 4th August

    8000 Series Round Wisbech 15th October    

Disc Four
    B.P. Final  Wimbledon 23rd October

    N.H.R.P.A.  Ipswich 12th November

    8000 Series Final  Wimbledon 20th November