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Banger World Final 1985


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Relive Banger racing like it used to be!

Three Heats, World Final and a Destruction Derby to finish completes a night to remember.

The 1985 Banger World final featured 45 drivers in the main race who provided plenty of material with no less than 9 Westminsters, 6 Series 1 XJ Jaguars, 3 A60s & 4 P5 Rovers.

Lots of action throughout the night with West Country driver 161 Paul Sheppard winning the title in his XJ Jaguar.

Highlight action wise being 626 Bill Bylet (A110 Westminster) being followed in by 572 Andy Priestly (A110 Westminster) trashing his car, there's a roving camera so you'll see the damage close up.

323 Geoff Roberts (P5 Rover), 112 Sean Gallagher (P5 Rover) & 522 Mark Watson (A110 Westminster) are well involved in the crashing front.

Some great interviews with many of the top drivers including 323 Geoff Roberts, 112 Sean Gallagher, 113 Carl Gallagher, 87 Nick Linfield & Roger Wilkinson. A really good evening of Banger action.

60 mins