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Banger World Final 1988


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Southern Bangers rule once again at the biggest night of the year for the Bang and Crash Brigade and 627 Terry Coke wins in a Rover P5.

This was the year 91 Jimmy Moyse raced a Daimler DK400 Limo, which at the time was one of the best & most expensive Bangers to be used, it's huge.

There's tons of material with a large number of P5 Rovers & Mk1 Granadas, one of the Priestlys had a blinder in his rover P5.

Higlights include 33 Simon Reed's XJ Jag being pushed by the pack into one of the foreign guest drivers in a Renault 16 estate, which folds up in a spectacular fashion. Despite the back of his XJ being well squashed, Simon does well in the main race.

All the Banger races plus many interviews makes a complete record of the meeting and the usual enthusiastic crowd added their noisy support.

68 mins