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Banger World Final 1996


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This year more cars than ever before started Spedeworth's biggest Banger Bash, 54 hopefuls from all over Gt Britain and Europe set off on 25 laps of Wimbledon's famous raceway.

This was the year where material was out in force with a few immaculate yanks ... the best being Gus Carter’s & Terry Coke’s immaculate Cadillacs for the World Final race & 506 Terry William’s stunning late 50's Ford Fairline in the support.

Highlights; 66 Mark Rogers (Mk1) follow in on 249 Mark Boulden’s (Datsun 280c) in the WF, but there’s plenty of action here, with the intro races being heavy as expected on WF nights, Colin Farley wins in a lovely Mk1 Granada!

Features the huge crash where East Anglian Onslow had his Mk2 folded in half by the weight of traffic in the consolation and you’ll see close ups of the amazing wreck, but this does cancel the DD.

"Cobra" from The Gladiators TV Programme enlivened the public draw for the World Final, which was won by No 7 Colin Farley.
The standard of car preparation was outstanding with professional sign writing jobs in abundance.
Interviews by Spike Rixon produced the usual cross-section of views.
All the Banger Races are featured along with numerous shots of the wrecked cars in close-up on the track.
At over 2 Hours this bumper DVD relives the action and atmosphere of a great night.                       

2 hours 20 mins

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