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Saloons in Scotland 1986 to 1991


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Step back to the ferocious battles between the English and Scottish.

Every race in this 8 hour compilation features drivers determined to conquer the opposing country.

Here are seven classic meetings. We go to Armadale for the 1988 European and the 1989 World then Cowdenbeath for the 1986 World, 1989 & 1990 Superbowls, 1990 National and finishing with probably the best meeting you will ever see from this era, the 1991 World Final. The eleven races over two days, in this spectacular meeting, certainly have more than their fair share of action, only two of them weren't stopped! Plenty of Roll-Overs, aggravation between the English & Scottish drivers and heavy contact with the fearsome 5ft solid concrete wall reminds you how Stock Cars used to race.

4 Disc Set

7 hours 56 mins      

        World Championship
        Cowdenbeath 17th August 1986

        European Championship
        Armadale 13th/14th August 1988

        World Championship
        Armadale 12th/13th August 1989

        Cowdenbeath/Armadale 18/19 November 1989

        National Championship
        Cowdenbeath 17th March 1990

        UK Superbowl 2
        Cowdenbeath 17th November 1990        

        World Championship
        14th/15th September 1991