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Plough Lane Classic 1996


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Once again vast numbers of Classic Material Cars turned up at London's prestigious Wimbledon Stadium to contest the annual Plough Lane Classic, sponsored by 3 Litre Magazine.

The Suicide Squad invaded in huge numbers along with the Surrey Street Squad, Motley Krew, Ant Hill Mob, Cream Team and Green Team.

100 cars with 64 visitors including 26 XJ Jaguars, 9 Datsuns (260c Cokebottle & 280c), 3 Toyota Crowns, 6 huge Yank Tanks and 2 lovely Wolseley 6/110s from 313 Mick Cotton and 3 Steve Wood. 384 John Golden had an immaculate Austin 3 Litre. Suicide Squad captain 55 Chris Whiteman raced the first Jaguar XJ40 455 Mick Holmes has an impeccable Toyota Crown custom.

Tons of action as expected, with lots of wrecking between the rival drivers,  96 Kev Wilsher's XJ did a flat-out T-Bone on 56 Henry Dent with the crash helmet of Dent hitting the bonnet of the 96 car and 249 Mark Boulden snapping his Toyota Crown with some large head-ons.

55 mins


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