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Havoc Volume Two


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It is many years now since Alan Burns of Doral Videos ceased production of his famous "Havoc Series".

They had become famous for the spectacular Banger fold-ups at Aldershot and Wimbledon and also featured other formulas racing at the time.

Highlights on this DVD: 91 Jimmy Moyse using his PC Cresta for the huge follow in on Tim Dray's XJ Jaguar at Aldershot (1989), Nick Wickham's performance in his XR 31 Banger (1991) & the 1990 DD meeting at Wimbledon.

Also rated is 560 Gary Reynolds taking his Bond 3 wheeler on the ramp roll-over at Aldershot.

There's tons of action here with the Bangers & Saloon Stocks featuring heavily & Deane Wood being well involved!

Photos on this sleeve are actual stills from the DVD, prepare to marvel just how the drivers escaped serious injury

Volume One features Havoc 85, 86, 87 & 88.
Volume Two features Havoc 89, 90 & 91.
Volume Three features Havoc 92, 93 & 94/95.

1 hour 53 mins