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Brilliant Bangers 1987 Volume Two


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Here are another seventeen classic meetings from 1987.

What more could a Banger Fan ask for? This Seven Hour Bumper Length DVD is great value and a must for Banger Fans who usually collect just the Big Championship Meetings.

Four Disc Set

7 hours 29 mins

Please scroll down for full meeting list


Aldershot 1st January The annual New Years Day races featured 323 Geoff Roberts XJ following in Northampton visitor 15 Laurence Moore XJ who latched onto Roger Wilkinson also in an XJ, the three Jaguars piling into 222 Terry Lodge A60 jacking his car off the rear axle & snapping both XJ Jaguars!

Aldershot 21st February This was the Figure of Eight meeting where 323 Geoff Roberts raced a tiny Honda N600 and newly registered Spedeworth driver 26 Jeff Woolford shows well.

Yarmouth 19th April As part of the Easter Weekend a few southern drivers visited Caister Road, with S! v EA action as expected, 535 Don Moor won 3 races in a Triumph 2000

Ipswich 20th April More southern drivers raced at Foxhall for the "Easter Tour" with 112 Sean Gallagher, Austin 3 Litre, having his throttle jam and piling hard into the fence. This was the last ever Spedeworth appearance of the 'Warriors'.
Aldershot 21st May Another Thursday night domestic produced a memorable crash when 353 'Wild' Bill Aldred, Mk1 Granada, followed 713 Tim Coates XJ into 280 Bill Garland's Austin Maxi, the huge impact ripping the car through the wires.
Aldershot 18th June A Thursday evening meeting where 98 Dave Damon raced a Citroen DS19 which fell apart after 3 laps, 20 Roger Wilkinson and the High Wycombe Barmy Army are feuding, with 20 going on opposite.
Aldershot 23rd July Yet another Thursday night meeting which was far from ordinary, constant action from the 2nd heat onwards, with 102 Tim Roblet, having an indestructible Rover P6, being rolled over, drivers doored, flat-out blitzed yet still moving on. Other highlights include 777 Mike Ridgery XJ being followed in, 229 Clive Chessell's Maxi being fenced hard snapping his car off, 728 Tim Dray's A60 getting well stuck in trashing his own car, a flag marshal ending up on the roof of 710 Shaun Jackson's car and 303 Dougie George walking around on the track mid race.
Wimbledon 26th July The second World Qualifying Round featured lots of bangers, highlight being 353 Bill Aldreds huge 8 Litre Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine which was used to squash 448 Chris Colliver to huge cheers from the crowd.
Wimbledon 20th September Another World Qualifier were 20 Roger Wilkinson had a Mk10 Jaguar and followed in 26 Jeff Woolford Mk1 Granada

Disc One
    Aldershot 1st January

    Figure of Eight  Aldershot 21st February

    Aldershot 9th April

    Easter Trophies  Wisbech 18th April

    Gt Yarmouth 19th April
Disc Two
    Ipswich 20th April

    Aldershot 23rd April

    Aldershot 21st May

    Aldershot 18th June    
Disc Three
    World Qualifier  Wimbledon 12th July

    World Qualifier  Aldershot 23rd July

    World Qualifier  Ipswich 25th July

    World Qualifier  Wimbledon 26th July
Disc Four
    World Qualifier   Aldershot 6th August

    Wimbledon 6th September

    World Qualifier   Wimbledon 20th September

    Aldershot 5th December