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Aldershot Van Bangers Compilation


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The now closed but legendary stadium at Aldershot always produced classic banger action and Van Bangers were no exception.
Here in one nostalgic DVD compilation are eight meetings for these big beasts including a Figure of Eight meeting and one in falling snow.

Three Disc Set

4 hours 48 mins

15th March 1986
Warrior 112 Sean Gallagher had the Morris LD tea van which fell apart & he raced around with no bodywork to huge cheers from the crowd.

7th March 1987
The meeting in a snow blizzard. 33 Simon Reed does well in his Leyland EA ambulance.

5th March 1988
Material includes an A55 hearse from one of the IMPs, a Morris LD ambulance & 3 Leyland EAs. 33 Simon Reed excels in his Leyland EA & wins the DD with the bodywork collapsing.

11th March 1989
The best one. 6 Leyland EAs, 204 Alan Hunt's 1960s Bedford ice cream van, 560 Gary Reynold's Bedford J Type & 399 Graham Doherty's Morris LD ambulance which appeared in the DD with ½ the front end missing. 33 Simon Reed & Dave Damon losing their bodywork in the DD after some epic battles between the big vans.

17th March 1990
Seven Leyland EAs, 728 Tim Dray lost his bodywork (EA) and raced around with it on his shoulders.

17th August 1991
Six Leyland EAs, 716 Mike Beaverstock had a Commer armoured security van & destroyed everything. 329 Paul Brand has a monster Transit wreck as his van collapses.

16th March 1991
The Figure of 8 where 716 Mike Beaverstock rolls his massive Dodge 50, it took two hiabs to unload.

4th April 1992
Six Leyland EAs, 458 Simon Langrish had a Mk3 transit, brand new at the time. 525 Andrew Glasgow having his EA Kebab wagon collapse onto him after a huge hit.