THE ARCHIVE 1985 to 2019

  • There is a page for each year since 1985 listing all the meetings that are available.
  • In the Information box, in the left hand column of the screen, or if you are using a phone please keep scrolling down, a complete list of years will have appeared, please click the year you are interested in.
  • Tailor made DVDs and meetings before 2009 have to be ordered by phone or email. Please Contact Us or phone 01473 890518 to order.
  • Information on how to order a Tailor Made DVD can be found here.
  • After displaying the year you require hold down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and then press "F" and a search box will appear in your browser where you can search the table/year that is on the screen.
  • Complete meetings from 2009 to date can be ordered online here.