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Saloon Stock Cars 1985


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Relive the great years of Spedeworth's Saloon Stock Cars.

Here are seven classic meetings from 1985 starting with the European Championship at Wisbech, then Southern Championship and Hoggs Back Challenge at Aldershot.

Off to Ipswich next for the annual bash against the Scottish at the Spedeweekend, followed by the London Championship at Wimbledon.

Back to Wimbo for the BP Night and we finish with the N.H.R.P.A. Championship at Ipswich.

Triple Disc Set

3 hours 32 mins

Disc One

    European Championship Wisbech Spedeweekend

    Southern Championship Aldershot 27th June

    Hoggs Back Challenge Aldershot 5th September

Disc Two

    Ipswich Spedeweekend

    London Championship Wimbledon 29th September

Disc Three

    B.P. Night Wimbledon 27th October

    N.H.R.P.A. Championship Ipswich 10th November