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Spedeweekend bangers 1999 to 2009 due for release saturday

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If you like Destruction Derbies then you will love this DVD.

Here are SIX DESTRUCTION DERBIES from the third of three special massacre meetings held at Wimbledon.

A top crashing meeting with a number of Smallfield visitors; Wreckless Rats, Ant Hill Mob, Mr Men, Top Job and 12 A60s. 2 P4 Rovers, 3 P5 Rovers (88 Speedy Reed had 2 fresh P5s) and 2 large yanks including the 711 Kevin Welch New York 'Checker' Taxi cab.

Highlights, being many, include 323 Geoff Roberts' XJ full bore hit on 520 Derek Caton's A95 Westminster, jacking it sky high and the 520 machine racing on with the body way off the rear axle, 71 Nik Wickham using his huge yank (1976 Chevrolet Impala) in a length of the straight blitz and destroy of Smallfield visitor Mark Millen (XJ) before meeting 711 Kevin Welch on the start finish line in a large head on.

159 Geoff Bowen (Cressida) gets stuck into the Smallfield drivers and in the last DD 323 Geoff Roberts jacks up 627 Terry Coke (A60) before appearing dead, then ramming the 71 Nik Wickham yank to huge cheers from the crowd.

The 1987 and 1988 Mothers Day Massacres are still available and along with our range of "Wrecking" DVDs, all of which will keep every Destruction Derby fan enthralled for hours and hours.

64 mins



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