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Plough Lane Classic 1995


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Unlimited Bangers Plough Lane Classic 1995, a heavy meeting that features big teams and drivers including Team Stinkbridge, The Suicide Squad, Essex Barns, Motley Krew, 3 Litre Mag and Cream Team.

Organised by 3 Litre magazine, this was the first real big open meeting when drivers from other promotions were allowed to race at Spedeworth, the list of drivers is massively impressive and one of the all time best line-ups.

There's plenty of material with PRI not having a single Granada between them, 55 Chris Whiteman has a lovely 60s Pontiac, Big Hoss an early 70s Plymouth Fury, 260 Keith Reynolds a Mk2 Jag and 90 Barry Wilsher has a Cadillac limousine, which caused a stir at the time as very few had raced. Loads of XJ Jags, Granadas and the odd Datsun and Toyota Crown, a couple of nice Austin 3 Litres including 384 John Golden's immaculate one and a 4R for 09 Psycho. Former squad star 57 Stuart Cummins was in Spedeworth colours with a rare and solid Australian AMC Rambler.

The return of 323 Waspy, within the first lap you see him waving his arm out the window at 108 Mick Barrett as he lines up the 90 Barry Wilsher Cadillac limo,  pushing them all into the fence, snapping off the Cadillac, which was being touted as the hardest car on the day. As the bangers re-line up after the incident you'll hear the crowd cheer him as he comes round.

A Great Classic Banger Meeting featuring two Heats, Final and Destruction Derby. Also includes the Stock Rods.

90 mins