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Here are Sixteen Historic meetings from 1991

What more could a National Hot Rod Fan ask for?

This Seven Hour Bumper Length DVD is great value and a must for National Hot Rod Fans who usually collect just the World Championships

Four Disc Set

7 hours 23 mins

Disc One    
    Howard Cole Memorial Wisbech 24th February
    Ipswich 17th March
    Aldershot 29th March
    World Qualifier Ipswich 14th April

Disc Two    
    Ted Weaver Memorial Aldershot 11th May
    Ipswich 27th May
    Ipswich 9th June
    Semi Finals Ipswich 23rd June
    World Qualifier Aldershot 3rd August

Disc Three    
    Wisbech Spedeweekend 10th/11th August
    Wisbech 31st August
    East Anglian Ipswich 22nd September
    Ipswich 6th October

Disc Four    
    N.H.R.P.A. Champ Ipswich 10th November
    Best in Britain Wimbledon 24th November
    Winternationals Wimbledon 29th December

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