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Spedeweekend bangers 1999 to 2009 due for release saturday

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Peterborough 16th & 17th February 2019

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New compilation DVDs will be available

This series of crash compilations has become famous for the sheer number of incidents and happenings that are crammed into each 30 minute volume.

There is no padding-out, no endless slow motion replays and no long lead up to each crash, just action, nearly 200 incidents on every Volume.
It is 24 years since the first volume in this series was compiled, a lot has changed, car design, driving styles, stadiums, people and my cameras.
Picture quality is now greatly improved since early days but the old DVDs are still excellent value for their history alone.
Here are Three Volumes on One DVD.
Volume Four has Horry Barnes' very fast meeting with the Ipswich Pit Gate and Brian Cooper executing a triple roll-over in his Superstox. Recorded in 1987/88
Volume Five features Diggy Smith's car leaping the fence at Ipswich and the famous Colliver Cartwheel at Wimbledon.1988/89
Volume Six Features Three George Polley crashes, Roy Eaton & Rob Perry's confrontation at Wisbech and Double Decker Stock Cars. Recorded in 1989/90
These DVDs make an ideal gift to a dedicated fan or somebody who has never even seen the racing, after all we are all kids at heart and just love to see a "Horrendous Crash"

90 mins