Golden Oldies 1995

Golden Oldies 1995 1

After last year's excellent meeting who would have imagined that it could be repeated and what is more surprising even more cars would appear.

Yes 71 Golden Oldies racing their hearts out in a final moment of glory before going to the Scrap Yard.

In the first race there is a most spectacular crash (photo on front of sleeve) similar to the famous "Mad Max" incident from 1986, all captured in full colour on this action packed DVD.

Numerous shots in the pits and on the track enable the viewer to admire these fine old cars in all their glory, including an old Chevy and a Plymouth also numerous A60's, Hearses and Limousines.

Two Heats, Consolation, Grand Final and Destruction Derby will keep you enthralled each time you watch this DVD.

61 mins