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Here are Sixteen classic meetings from 1989.

Highlights, 91 Jimmy Moyse (PC Cresta) going wrecking at Aldershot against the Animals, the Plough Lane Classic where 102 Tim Roblet (P5) did a huge follow-in on 303 Dougie George (XJ) flipping both cars over. The epic 1989 Aldershot Team meeting, the Southern Invasion of Ipswich for the East Anglian Championship, the meeting where 323 Geoff Roberts had his Granada folded in half by 168 Malcom Girling yet got it out for the final (Hiab Miracle) and the van meeting where a tiny A35 met a leyland EA !!

We start with the Big Vans at Wimbledon and then Aldershot for the Tongham Classic.

Back to Wimbledon now for the Plough Lane Classic, then Ipswich for the Spedeweekend followed by The East Anglian Championship.

Aldershot and Wimbledon are next for two World Qualifiers then South to Eastbourne for the Southern Championship.

Two more World Qualifiers at Wisbech and Wimbledon followed by Team racing at Aldershot.

Three World Qualifiers now at Yarmouth, Aldershot and Ipswich.

Staying at Ipswich for the Radio Orwell Meeting then Big Vans at Wimbledon again to finish.

What more could a Banger Fan ask for? This Eight Hour Bumper Length DVD is great value and a must for Banger Fans who usually collect just the Big Championship Meetings.

Four Disc Set

8 hours 30 mins

Disc One
    Vans  Wimbledon 1st January

    Tongham Classic  Aldershot 11th February

    Plough Lane Classic Wimbledon 28th May

    Ipswich Spedeweekend

Disc Two
    East Anglian Championship 16th July

    World Qualifier  Aldershot 5th August    

    World Qualifier  Wimbledon 27th August

    Southern Championship Eastbourne 28th August

Disc Three
    World Qualifier Wisbech 9th September

    World Qualifier  Wimbledon 10th September

    Team Racing Aldershot 23rd September
    World Qualifier  Gt Yarmouth 1st October    

Disc Four
    World Qualifier  Aldershot 21st October

    World Qualifier  Ipswich 22nd October

    Radio Orwell Meeting Ipswich 19th November

    Vans Wimbledon 31st December

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