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As expected mainly wall to wall Mk2 Granadas & cars which bend when getting hit, a few Mk1s as well as a lovely coke bottle Cedric for Jack France in the world final. There's also a Rolls Royce raced with the grill still intact!

This was the meeting when 57 Boris did a fair bit of damage in his large yank estate in the DD & ends with 670 Tricky's 280c Cedric hammered but still moving!

Spike is here again conducting his unmissable interviews, see also best paint presentation, cars coming onto the grid and close ups of the wreckage on the track.

The Southerners dominance of the Spedeworth World Final reasserted itself in the shape of No 7 Colin Farley, after a determined drive with spectacular action behind him. Autospeed's Brett Ellacott could have taken a shock victory as he built up a big lead in the 1st half of the race, but Mark Welland and others decided that he might like to race on the Figure of Eight crossover, after which he was taken out on the back straight allowing Farley through to take his second World crown.

For the first time the National Stock Cars were the support formula, not having raced at Wimbledon for three years. Their London Championship was won by 51 Paul Liquorice after Diggy Smith took a last bend lunge and missed. All the races are here, 3 Stock Car heats and London Championship, 4 Banger Heats, World Championship and Destruction Derby.

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