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Unlimited National Bangers Jeff Woolford Memorial

20 years after Jeff's passing it was felt that it would be fitting to remember him, and those great old days at Aldershot Stadium, with a Back to Basics Unlimited Meeting.

So many Old Boys wanted to race they had to have their own class, there are nearly 60 out there including Willie Skoyles, Stumpy Stu Bright, Bill Bylett, Terry Coke and Kevin Welch to name a few, plus nearly 70 current drivers.

Jeff was without doubt one of the finest Banger drivers of all time, a brilliant racer when he wanted to or he could be one of the best wreckers and entertainers.

This commemorative DVD has all the races and a 45 minute section of archive material showing some of Jeff's finer moments.

Twin Disc Set
2 hours 42 mins